The perfect gift for a new baby or pregnant mom. This 4 book set has been carefully crafted to introduce fresh littles to the energy of the elements and planets through physical development interaction activities with the images in each book.

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Even new infants can play! Their eye sight is blurry, at birth so showing infants strong black and white contrast images can grasp their attention and give them the opportunity to practice focusing their eyes. Older babies can play with the books during tummy time by either having one book in front of them, or all 4 books in a semi circle around them, to help practice turning and build muscles for crawling. Once baby is crawling, the colourful books can be used to grab attention and encourage baby to crawl a little further down the hall, or reach up on the coffee table and pull themselves up so they can see the bright colours that are up there - leading to "surfing" and eventually walking. 

Many mothers obsess with milestones, but should know that every baby will develop the way they were meant to when they are meant to and they are doing a great job exactly as they are. That said, there are lots of activities to help baby connect to their new body, and if you're into the idea that we're connected to earth, then it seems totally reasonable that getting baby familiar with the elements and planets is a good way to help them also connect to Mother Gaia.