13 Aug

Elements & Planets

The perfect gift for the new parent, Elements & Planets is a 4 piece baby board book set that can be used to play with babies from infant life to toddlerhood.

How do you play with an infant?

Bonding with a new infant is such an important part of parenthood. Skin to skin snuggling is usually the first thing communicated for building this unspoken relationship with your child (for good reason!). When children are itty bitty, a lot of play interaction also comes from looking into baby's eyes and making silly faces to try and get them to smile.

As they grow, many parents focus on milestones for understanding their baby's well-being and development. While every child is different and it's important to not get too focused on what age baby was when they start doing a certain thing, there are some activities you can do to help them hit each milestone in a loving way.

There are a few things I'd love you to know about babies:

  • New babies don't come into the world with 20/20 vision, their sight is blurry for the first few months of their lives.
  • Laying a baby on their tummy helps them build important, foundational core strength, and visual stimulants can help them stay in this position for longer periods of time.
  • Side laying is an also important position for babies to be in as part of building strength. 
  • Tummy time and side laying helps babies build the strength they need to roll over and crawl, but an important "mini" milestone that happens before these more prominent ones, is the pivot -> babies learning to turn one direction or the other while on their tummy.

So where does Elements & Planet's come in? The first 2 books in this set are high contrast, black icons on a white background that you can show your infant at anytime — while you hold them, while your partner holds them, or while they are practicing tummy time or side lying. You will probably notice the pupils of your baby focus in on the pages as they start to make sense of the image in front of them. Not only does this help them with their early physical development, but it introduces them to the very core energies of our planet and supports their life long journey of learning to live here harmoniously.

As baby gets bigger and starts hitting more milestones, you can start using the coloured books to add more variety. When baby is about 4 months, adding all four books to tummy time in a semi-circle around baby can encourage them to look around them and start pivoting so they can see the different images. Eventually as they start learning to crawl, or pull themselves up into standing, you can use the book as something to grab their attention and encourage them to move towards it and grab it themselves.

Or, when all else fails, a baby or two has been known to chew on the edges of the books — touching things with their hands and exploring with their mouths is also an important part of a baby getting to know the world they are in.

So whether you are pregnant yourself or a new mama, or you know someone who is. Get the 4-book set and start introducing the babies of today to Elements and Planets so that the energy of these fundamental life energies can spread and send us on our collective path of healing through connection to the Earth.